Wednesday, November 14, 2012

More from Alex!

(Got this second email from Alex later in the day... here you go!)

Today we walked around Sao Paulo and it was really clear that we are, in fact, in Brazil. It's a really cool place, the drivers are all absolutely nuts, and everybody is friendly. I know where to buy everything. I went to Cheney's but didn't redeem my milkshake yet--I'm saving it for next week.

Andrew and Madeleine need to write to me via Cheney's--Gracie is the only one who e-mailed me. Silly geese. And again, post on my blog for people to e-mail me via Cheney's. Have I mentioned that enough?

Elder Costa, the general authority who set apart President Dudley, is the Area Authority here and spoke today. It was amazingly spiritual, as everything is in the CTM. He talked about some missionary stories from Brazil, and let me tell you, the work is going quickly down here. Brazilians are extremely ready to accept the word. Crazy exciting. 

Know that I'm praying for you and I can feel the prayers for me. I love you all so much.

Elder Alex Burt

(FYI... the mail service - Cheney's - that Alex is talking about is actually MissionTies, and they operate out of 'Cheney's Cookie Shop' which is near him.  You can purchase an email package through the MissionTies site, and here are the package plans.  If you planned on mailing Alex a few times a month anyway, then the package plan isn't too bad.  I think the cheapest is 4 letters for $9.49.  They'll print out your email, stick it in an envelope and deliver it to the CTM in Alex's mailbox.  He'll get it pretty quickly.  I guess the advantages are 1) it's via email so no going to the post office to buy pricier stamps to Brazil, and 2) he'll be getting news that's just a couple days old rather than 10 or so days old through regular mail.  You just need to remember to update Alex's address once he leaves the CTM in about a month.  Alternatively, if  you just email me your letter, I'll forward it on through the package plan that we've purchased, and he'll get it within a couple days.)

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