Monday, June 23, 2014

Invitation / Original Two / Peace, Be Still

Well, folks and folkesses, it has been a week. The World Cup continues to rage on, and the work never stops. Nor should it!

1) Invitation- This week I went on a division with another missionary in his area. It was great. Miracles happened, as always. We went to a house with two girls who were thinking about baptism. They were kind of avoiding us, but before leaving I made the direct invitation: "Will you be baptized this week?" They asked when. I said tomorrow. That's what happened.

2) Original Two- Another day this week we had a hilarious conversation with our less active friend, Noel. He fixes shoes, and was helping my companion out with his, when he started telling us the story of Christ. It started when he asked us "which were the two original churches in the world?" Before we could respond, he began to explain. There was the Catholic church, which the Romans and Pharisees created and which crucified Christ. And there was the church which Moses founded soon afterwards, the Seventh-Day Adventists. He continued to relate a remarkably accurate version of Christ's life and death, with only a few slightly altered details (John the Baptist at the Last Supper, Peter and John confronting Judas after the betrayal). The story was also interrupted once when a car passed by and someone called out to Noel, who responded saying, casually, "You son of a dog!" It was a very entertaining morning.

3) Peace, Be Still- This week I saw much of the Adversary doing everything possible to foil the Lord's work. An investigator's wife decided to leave her husband, taking the kids with her. A less active member we were helping reactivate died in a drunken fall. Another investigator said he couldn't keep any commitments because his son had suffered a motorcycle accident, likely associated with drugs. Missionary companionships fighting. Members losing hope. The enemy is furious.

But to every desperate cry: "Master the tempest is raging!" comes the soothing voice of the Master, "Peace, be still." The Lord is hastening His work. Of course the resistance will be considerable. "The harvest is great and the laborers are few, but if we're united we all things can do." This is the Lord's work. The obstacles only testify of this more to me, and I have a greater desire to work harder.
Because we've already won. Christ already vanquished death. The fight is being taken to the individuals. We can never give up hope.

Other happenings of the week reminded me of this. I can't talk about all of them right now. Just know that despite the opposition...we're stronger.

I love you all. Never forget who you are.

Much Love,

Elder Burt

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