Monday, January 14, 2013

Finally... In the Field

Town of Pedro Leopoldo
All right, so here we go! First P-day in the field and what a week it has been. I have so much to say, but honestly so little time. To begin with, my area and companion:  My area is Pedro Leopoldo, in the Sete Lagoas district. A small town with a very large area of proselyting. Tons and tons of walking! I love it so far here, the people and circumstances are very humble but people are also very accepting of us. My companion is very kind, has incredible faith, and teaches with the Spirit. 

The language! This has certainly been a large challenge. It is so much more difficult trying to listen to people here. I am getting better every day, but it´s extremely mentally exhausting. We only speak Portuguese in conversation, which I have actually gotten used to. In fact, a couple nights ago I woke up thinking in Portuguese. So that´s cool. But still, I really can´t do too much in lessons due to this fact. I always participate, bear testimony and teach some, but I wish I could do more! More individually for the person! But I know it will come with time. 

I got here the first day after miles of walking in the rain (yes, rain. There´s lots of it here) and my companion immediately took me out to work. I had my first lesson, first baptismal invitation, and he said yes! Very cool. Though since then his mother (he´s fifteen) has gotten cold feet, and we haven´t been able to see him. Big bummer, but again, we´ll keep trying. We've extended a couple other baptismal invitations and taught a lot of first lessons, but as of yet only a couple follow-ups and progressing investigators.

Elder Burt prepares to leave the training center.
Church here is great. Very welcoming and loving people. I had to give a five minute "talk", really just an introduction and testimony. It went well, and the rest of the meetings passed by just like back home, but with very little comprehension on my part.

I know I´m out here doing real work for the Lord.  It´s hard, but extremely rewarding and spiritually uplifting!

Much love,

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